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Mamaku Lady Wins People's Choice Award at ART MAC Exhibition!

I'm pleased to share that my hand-sculpted Mamaku Lady, created with cast glass, copper accents, and a paua necklace, won the People's Choice Award at the ART MAC Members' Exhibition!

During the exhibition, we had an interesting revelation. While the Mamaku Lady typically has a pink rhubarb-coloured body, she transforms into a rhubarb-green under fluorescent lighting. Something to keep note of for future exhibitions - I'm constantly learning something new. While lovely in both colours, I could imagine the confusion if she was purchased and taken home to find she had colour shifted on the drive.

Also showcased was my cast glass Autumn Leaf, which, despite its approximately 2.5kg of glass, the sense of movement I sculpted into the piece came into its own once under the exhibition lighting.

I am grateful to everyone who voted and the Mairangi Art Centre for hosting this exhibition, which featured a great collection of paint and glass works. Congratulations to the other award winners!


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